Dating back to the Medevil Era, this RP contains Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, Magic beings, servents and yes, even knights. This RP is between two opposing Kingdoms, and soon we hope to turn it into two mangas telling the story from their own sides
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 On the cliff, over the cove

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Juugatsu Nouseishoku
Juugatsu Nouseishoku

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On the cliff, over the cove Empty
PostSubject: On the cliff, over the cove   On the cliff, over the cove Icon_minitimeSat Jan 09, 2010 2:38 am

Seating himself on the ledge of the cliff, the young prince, Juugatsu, now forced to wear an iron vest due to an injure inflicted by a member of the Meisekishoku, let out a sigh. He hadn't tried to use the wind power he'd been granted in a long while. He placed his hands together, and began to concentrate energy into the ball of raging wind he was beginning to form. His eyes closed, and quietly, he allowed the ball of rage to expand between his palms. Until it was nearly a foot in circumference, he kept his grip upon them. He held the ball of rage until his hands began to unstable; his hands slipped from the ball, and it send out to the water, knocking hims backward to the ground. He let out a small huff; this was just as hard as the first day he'd gotten the strange power over wind.
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On the cliff, over the cove
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