Dating back to the Medevil Era, this RP contains Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, Magic beings, servents and yes, even knights. This RP is between two opposing Kingdoms, and soon we hope to turn it into two mangas telling the story from their own sides
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 Alone Time

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*Taking his steps with fragile care. Letting his back find the sweet hiding of the trees which he so enjoyed to hide behind, keeping himself against it. He listened as the birds chirped on this day, the sun shined down upon the earth brightly.Making the green trees, the moss and other lovely objects within the forest noticeable. Bringing out a vail of living color and wonderful smell. His sword at his right hip, hung freely. Smacking the side of his leg, feeling the light red and gold armor smack him without end. He tightened the armor so it would be less bouncy as he walked, sitting upon the fallen oak he'd found so many times before. He had no duties for the moment, though he knew to return to the castle soon. He held his lance with simple grasp, the cross at the end was an interesting part of the weapon. Throwing daggers, were in reach of his hands should danger become certain. His bow and arrows were upon his white mount, he walked over. Letting his foot slip into saddle, he then brought himself up. Motioning the horse towards Meisekishoku Castle, home sweet home. The horse galloped tearing the ground asunder beneath it's large feet. He thought upon the cloudy days that haunted him, but quickly sent the thoughts away from his mind. Watching the Kingdoms gates become closer, he smiled faintly. Remembering why he'd become a knight, it had been to protect everyone he could with his Lance. He would soon dismount at the gate, walking in and going about his duties.*
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Alone Time
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